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The accumulation of Big Data is becoming easier and easier.  Researchers must then analyze, organize, prioritize the important findings to reveal the underlying story.  In working with clients,  three challenges come up time again and again.

  • Data analysts (eg. statisticians, students, employees) are not adequately trained to iteratively interrogate the data.
  • Organization and prioritization of the results are daunting tasks.
  • There lacks a mechanism to track the changes across multiple experiments.  Secondary observations can be easily forgotten as time goes on.

A new approach makes a lot of sense if you consider the underappreciated economic reasons.  Getting side-tracked by large datasets can rob investigators of their time, mental energy, productivity and lost opportunity.   Research investigators need to demonstrate value, fund their research and must focus on sustaining or securing new grants.   Also, if the data are not satisfactorily analyzed/interpreted, the money invested to conduct the experiment may never be recovered.

Here's the better way:  Omic Insight is hyper-specialized to analyze and surface the story of the data.  We enable investigators to focus on their high level research strategy and enable teams to perform more efficiently.

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Doug Lee, PhD

Doug Lee, PhD

Dr. Lee serves as Principal Consultant  provides oversight over data analysis and interpretation services at Omic Insight.

He has extensive experience in diverse research areas.

  • Disease conditions (diabetes, cancer, kidney disease, rare diseases, inflammation, pain)
  • Pre-clinical studies (cell culture, cat, dog, mouse, primate animal models)
  • Clinical studies (safety, patient stratification and drug repositioning)
  • Biomarkers (predictive analytics, validation and drug screening)
  • Toxicology
  • Bacterial and yeast metabolism (gut microflora, pathogens, growth, virulence)
  • Bioprocessing
  • Nutrition, food production/characterization
  • Animal health
  • Intellectual property
  • Epidemiology
  • Multi- omic pathway analysis