Omic Insight provides contract data analysis services to surface and communicate discoveries that emerge from biological research.  

We enable research investigators, even those with strong expertise in bioinformatics and biology, to gain insight into their research, capitalize on their newly found knowledge and shape their future research direction.

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We are evaluating combination therapies in pre-clinical studies in the fight against cancer, and I am grateful for Omic Insight’s service. They help us prioritize our research findings and accelerate our research efforts.
— Dominic P. D'Agostino, PhD. Associate Professor USF

I rely on Omic Insight to help me craft my grants, presentations, posters and manuscripts. Omic Insight also has helped me make solve issues that would have wasted 6 months of my time. Their guidance will be worth well over $100,000 — and that was just over one project.
— Dr. Victoria Bae-Jump, Assistant Professor, Clinical Research, Gynecologic Oncology Program, UNC

Often, we race to get all the pieces together by our deadline, but not this time. Because we enlist Omic Insight services, we assemble the [grant] proposal well ahead of the deadline with minimal disruption to my ongoing research activities.
— DR. Richard P. Phipps, Ph.D. University of Rochester

I would definitely recommend Omic Insight services to anybody struggling with data interpretation. They have been phenomenal in helping refine our analysis and how we present our findings.
— Dr. Liza Makowski, Assistant Professor, Dept. Nutrition, University of North Carolina

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